Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I find your ADV 2A & 2B? Is your Customer Relationship Summary available for viewing as well?

A:   You can find our updated ADV parts 2A & 2B, along with our Customer Relationship Summary (CRS) on our disclosures page, found here: Mason & Associates Disclosures . 

Q: What is a CSA / CSF Number? 

A:   Find out your answer here: CSA/CSF Number- What is it?  

Q: Do you work only with federal employees? 

A: No. Although we’ve spent a career financial planning for federal employees, we have several private sector and state employees as clients. We do ask that non-federal employees provide benefit information and statements so that we can help maximize their employer sponsored benefits.

Q: Who should I contact for service requests?

A: Anyone in our office can help you, or direct you to the best person.  Just give us a call at (757)223-9898 or email

Q: How do I view my accounts online?

A: Please follow this link to see instructions on accessing your account(s): Account Access Instructions .

Q: Do you have an office on the south side?

A: We do not have an office on the south side (Norfolk, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach). Mason & Associates advisors are constantly striving to be the best for their families and their clients. Advisors and clients benefit greatly from having Mike, Ken, and John working together in close proximity. The advisors have a great synergy and are constantly collaborating and bouncing ideas off of each other. Mason & Associates believes that we bring more value to our clients by working together than we would apart. 

Q: How do I switch to electronic delivery for statements and confirmations? 

A:  Please follow this link to see instructions for switching your E*TRADE account(s) to e-delivery: Switching to E-delivery .

Q: What happens if my family moves out of state? 

A: Mason & Associates advisors are licensed to conduct business in multiple states, which allows us to serve clients in many different locations. Please give us time to make the necessary arrangements to prepare for your move by notifying your advisor and the Mason & Associates team of any changes.

Q: I’m locked out of the account access website; what do I do? 

A: Please call us at the office at (757) 223-9898 and ask our team to reset your account password. We will provide you with a new temporary password and walk you through resetting your account access.

Q: When will I receive my 1099’s? 

A: Clients typically receive 1099’s in the beginning of March. Tax preparation can begin at the beginning of the year, but it is very important that you wait to file your returns until receipt of all tax documents.

Q: I rolled my TSP to an IRA; will I receive a 1099? 

A: TSP will issue a 1099 for distributions from TSP to an IRA. The 1099 will be received in the first three months of the following year. Example: TSP distribution to an IRA in July. Client will receive a 1099 between January through March of the following year indicating a distribution from the plan.

Q: Why didn’t I receive a 1099 from my IRA? 

A: You will not receive a 1099 from an account where there was no distribution. If you did not take a withdrawal from your IRA, you will not receive a 1099.

Q: How late can I fund my Traditional or Roth IRA for the previous year? 

A: IRS allows individuals to fund Traditional and Roth IRAs until April 15. Mason & Associates’ goal is to have all Traditional and Roth IRAs funded by April 1.

Q: Can you help my family? 

A: We believe that comprehensive financial planning includes helping our clients’ family members and loved ones. Your family is our family and we would be happy to meet with you, together or separately, to see how we can help.