Switch to e-delivery

Your E*trade account is initially set up for paper document delivery, for which they charge $3.75 per quarter.  To avoid the charge for paper statements, change delivery preferences to e-delivery.  If possible, do this before the end of the quarter to avoid any additional charges to your account. 

Go to About your account and click Document Delivery Options.  There is an EDIT button on the lower right-hand side of this drop down.  You have the option of updating your email address, as well as Proxies and Interim Mailings and Statements.  Click on the circle to select email.

Please note that if you indicate email for proxies & interim mailings you will need to choose a 4 digit pin that will be asked for again in the future for verification purposes.

Check the box to agree that “I and all other owners, custodians, and fiduciaries on this account – agree to the terms and conditions of the Document Delivery Terms of Agreement.”  Then click SAVE to update your delivery method.