Strategic Planning Meetings

Each year you will be contacted to schedule your strategic planning meeting.  We will reach out to you the month prior to your birth month to set up the appointment. 

The purpose of this meeting is to provide a detailed review of all of your investments and to ensure we are on track with your financial plan.  We will review your beneficiaries, discuss any updates or changes in your life, and make adjustments to any planning strategies if necessary.  Financial plans are not implemented in a day or a year.  Financial plans are implemented over a lifetime.  We are here to help you monitor and fulfill your plan, and that cannot be done effectively without a productive strategic planning meeting. 

Information Needed for Strategic Planning Meeting

We ask that you please upload the documents listed on the Strategic planning meeting prep sheet below in advance of your meeting using this secure link: Secure Document Upload. You may also fax or mail them to us prior to your appointment. All information will be treated CONFIDENTIALLY. This list has been recently updated to include questions pertaining to to any changes in your life, retirement goal updates, or topics you would like to discuss, so we ask that you pay close attention.  Help us to help you by gathering as many of these items as possible for the review. 



In addition to the listed documents, please have your password book or password manager available for your meeting.  The advisors are prepared to help you make adjustments to 401(k) and TSP allocations, update beneficiary information, change tax withholdings, and a variety of other service requests, but cannot access these websites without the proper credentials.  Client username, password, and security questions will be entered by the client and will not be saved by Mason & Associates.

Telephone / Online Meeting

Please have the items listed on the Strategic Planning Prep Sheet sent in ahead of time, or have them available to you during your meeting. You can upload to our secure ShareFile by clicking HERE.  You may also send by mail, in response to secure email, or via secure fax to (757)233-9990. 

The advisor will initiate the phone call to the preferred number you provided when you scheduled. 

If you scheduled an online / virtual video conference appointment, please make sure you have Google Chrome installed on your computer, and visit at the time of the call.  If using a mobile device to attend the web conference, the appropriate app must be downloaded from the Google Play Store or App Store.  The advisor will provide a code at the time of your appointment for you to join the session.  Your advisor will contact you by telephone for this appointment to ensure the best audio quality, and will use the service for screen sharing and video capabilities only. Please click here to view detailed in instructions on using the platform: Strategic Planning meeting Join.Me Instructions .