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Why We Founded Mason & Associates- Our Purpose

Michael Mason, CFP®, of Mason & Associates discusses the history of Mason & Associates and what drives us to offer the best financial advice available.

About the Episode:
• Michael Mason has been in the industry for over three decades.
• He quickly realized that insurance sales was not financial planning.
• Radio helped us spread the word about our specialization with Federal employees. • Ken Mason, John Mason, Tommy Blackburn and Ben Raikes have been great additions to the team.
• "We do financial planning the way folks have always dreamed and wanted it could be done."


Michael Mason, a certified financial planner with 36 years of experience in the financial planning business, shares the story of how he founded Mason and Associates. Initially joining Equitable Life Insurance Society as a life insurance salesman, he later decided to focus on financial planning within that environment. Realizing the limitations imposed by captive companies like Equitable, Michael and his brother Ken started specializing in serving federal employees. In 2002, they opened their own business to provide real financial planning services to clients. Over the years, they have expanded their team with experienced professionals and continue to specialize in working with federal employees. .


Chapter 1
: Introduction to Mason and Associates

•Timestamp: 00:10-00:15

•Michael Mason introduces himself as part of Mason and Associates, with 36 years of experience in the financial planning business.

Chapter 2: Michael Mason's Background and Designations

•Timestamp: 00:19-00:27

•Michael Mason discusses his certifications as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Chartered Life Underwriter, and Chartered Financial Consultant.

Chapter 3: Early Career and Specialization with Federal Employees

•Timestamp: 00:34-01:36

•Michael Mason talks about his start in the financial planning business with Equitable Life Insurance Society and his realization that financial planning meant selling life insurance.

He mentions hiring his brother, Ken Mason, and specializing in working with federal employees.

Chapter 4: Challenges with Captive Companies

•Timestamp: 01:49-02:08

•Michael Mason explains the limitations imposed by captive companies like Equitable, which prioritize product sales over financial planning.

Chapter 5: Founding of Mason and Associates

•Timestamp: 02:11-03:02

•Michael Mason describes the decision to open their own business in 2002 and the early days of Mason and Associates with one employee, Jan, and themselves.

He mentions their initial advertising efforts and the shift to radio advertising in 2003.

Chapter 6: Commitment to Real Financial Planning

•Timestamp: 03:05-03:10

•Michael Mason emphasizes that the founding of Mason and Associates was driven by their desire to provide real financial planning services that they couldn't offer with Equitable.

Chapter 7: Growth and Team Expansion

•Timestamp: 03:10-03:26

•Michael Mason mentions the addition of John Mason in 2010, as well as Tommy Blackburn and Ben Rakes to their team, highlighting their collective decades of experience in financial planning.

Chapter 8: Mason and Associates' Specialization with Federal Employees

•Timestamp: 03:26-03:29

•Michael Mason reiterates their specialization in working with federal employees and their commitment to providing financial planning services that align with clients' desires and dreams.

Chapter 9: Conclusion

•Timestamp: 03:29-03:37

•Michael Mason concludes the video by expressing gratitude and thanking the viewers.