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DOCUMENTS NEEDED FOR PLANNING Please bring or send copies of any relevant documents to your meeting so the advisors can provide the best financial planning service.  Upload to our ShareFile securely by clicking HERE


DOCUMENTS NEEDED FOR ANNUAL REVIEW Please bring or send copies of these documents to you annual review.  Upload to our ShareFile securely by clicking HERE

In addition, please also bring your password book or passowrd manager.  The advisors are prepared to help you make adjustments to 401(k) and TSP allocations, update beneficiary information, change tax withholdings, and a variety of other service requests, but cannot access these websites without the proper credentials.  Client username, password, and security questions will be entered by the client and will not be saved by Mason & Associates. 


CHANGE OF ADDRESS Use this form to update your address at each company where you hold accounts.  Please submit this form to Mason & Associates, NOT Centaurus Financial.  Upload to our ShareFile securely by clicking HERE