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Introductory Meeting

The introductory meeting is the initial appointment held with one or more advisors at our office in Newport News, Virginia. The goal of this meeting is quite simple: Can we help you? Can you help us? Are we getting along? We help through an unequaled knowledge of Federal and state benefits and a commitment to comprehensive financial planning advice. Financial planning is not about a product or a rate of return; it is an ongoing process to which both parties must be committed. Mason & Associates requires that (for those who are married) both spouses attend the meeting. This is not a transaction that can be handled by one; it is a relationship that must be agreed upon by all. Once we understand your goals and review your benefits, taxes, insurance, and other financial arrangements, we will openly address areas that need attention. Honest dialogue coupled with a desire to find a trusted advisor is all we ask. At the conclusion of the meeting you will know how we can help, how we get paid, and what a permanent relationship looks like. We will make a decision whether or not to commit the resources of Mason & Associates as your financial advisor at the meeting. If you feel comfortable and make the decision to hire us, we will begin working on your financial plan. 

Click on the links below to see the documents we require for a introductory meeting. The "Documents Needed For Planning" and "Fact Finder" are pertinent for a successful introductory meeting. 

Documents Needed For Planning

Fact Finder

Personal information is not shared and is securely stored. Not everyone who attends a introductory meeting becomes a client, for various reasons. Personal information will be stored only for those who become clients. 

Call us at (757)223-9898, (800)89MASON, or fill out the form below to request your introductory meeting.