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Refer a Friend

Our favorite stories at Mason & Associates are called "hero stories." Hero stories begin with an introduction by a current client or friend and conclude with our firm having a profound impact on the referrals' lives. It is our goal to make every referrer a hero by delivering comprehensive financial planning advice and changing the lives of those who were introduced to us. Be someone’s hero and introduce them to our radio show or a complimentary consultation at our office in Newport News.

Our radio show airs the first and third Tuesday of every month on WNIS AM 790 from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. Michael Mason, the voice of Mason & Associates, focuses the show on current events and financial planning strategies for both public and private sector employees.  

Click here to download a flyer of our upcoming radio shows.

Click here to learn more about our radio show. 

A complimentary consultation is the initial, fact-finding appointment with one or more of our advisors at our office in Newport News.  Here the advisors have the ability to learn about a family’s specific circumstances, and to analyze and evaluate individual goals and objectives. We welcome referrals and other potential clients to set up a complimentary consultation.

How to refer and schedule the complimentary consultation:

Option 1: Ask your advisor at Mason & Associates to make contact by providing the name and phone number of the person referred.

Option 2: Have the referral contact Alýssa Quinn at (757) 223-9898 or to schedule the complimentary consultation. The referral should be prepared with the following information:

  • Advisor(s) referred
  • Who referred
  • Retirement coverage (CSRS, FERS, CSRS Offset, Military, VRS, Huntington Ingalls, etc.)
  • Best phone number and email address